Our History

1974: Rev. J. T. Pugh, Rev George Coleman, and Rev. John Cupit formed a committee dedicated to strengthening the UPCI’s effectiveness in reaching into the Black communities of North America.

1978: In August, the conference on evangelism into the Black community was birthed at New Life Tabernacle in Houston, hosted by Rev. James Kilgore.  The late Rev. Dan Brown was appointed as chairperson during the second conference in Little Rock, AR.

1982: Rev. Brown unexpectedly passed away after serving the ministry with excellence and effectiveness.

1983-1991: Rev. Vernon Brite led the ministry into an era of relevance and growth. The Black Evangelism Conference becomes a national presence and voice within the UPCI.

1991-2001: Rev. Calvin Enlow and a team of leaders continued the growth and development of the UPCI’s efforts to be effective in reaching into the Black community.

2001-2012:  Rev. Alonzo Terry served as director and Rev. Wilbert Blandon as secretary.  Under their leadership, Building the Bridge Ministries continued to fulfill many of the objectives established at its inception.

2012: Citing the need for a fresh direction, both Rev. Alonzo Terry and Rev. Wilbert Blandon stepped down as leaders.  Rev. Kenneth Stewart and Rev. Art Wilson were voted as director and secretary, respectively.  The ministry entertained the notion that the evolution of social and cultural realities necessitates some changes within the ministry.  The scope of Building the Bridge Ministries is both strengthened and expanded under the leadership of these capable man and the board of BTB Ministries.

2017: Rev. Micheal Mitchell was elected director during the annual conference, which was held in Brooklyn, NY. Rev. Mitchell continues to expand the scope and reach of the ministry as the vision is to reach the African American and urban communities, and beyond.