Plant 6


This initiative will be led by the Building the Bridge Ministries regional directors who will work with North American Missions to execute the church plants within their respective regions.

Each regional director will work with district superintendents within their region to identify:

  • Best location to establish a preaching point;
  • The best location and best time to transition the preaching point into a church plant, and;
  • The best candidates to serve in leadership in the new church plant.

The Building the Bridge Plant 6 initiative will allow the ministry to establish 6 new church plants by General Conference 2019.

Churches will receive $1,200 per year for three years.


  • Must complete and submit grant application to the Building the Bridge Ministry.
  • Must be approved by the NAM Board, District Superintendent /District Board.
  • A Building the Bridge Constituent.
  • Minister must pastor this new church plant.
  • Must be open to diversity.
  • Must be willing to partner with Building the Bridge as a monthly contributor with a minimum of $35 per month.
  • Must commit to attending the annual Building the Bridge Conference to share a┬átestimony.

** Grants will be issued based on the availability of funds.

Download Plant 6 Application