R.E.A.P. Crusade


The R. E.A.P (Reach, Embrace, Assimilate, and Preserve) Crusades are designed to REAP the whole harvest. Our goal is not only to get the “whole gospel to the whole world,” but also to get the “whole harvest into the whole church.”

We will partner with the General Youth Division to put a team of young people together to assist with the crusades. This initiative will reap the harvest by designing focused and intentional outreach strategies for diversified urban communities.

Churches interested in hosting a crusade will not only gain valuable resources and assistance, but they will also receive $1,500 to offset the cost of putting a crusade together.

By also partnering with NAM we will effectively:

  • Conduct cultural competency training for outreach teams to increase their awareness of cultural norms outside their own.
  • Educate pastors on the importance of multigenerational, not just multicultural, outreach teams.
  • Equip soul winners with new methods to win souls in our ever-changing world (i.e. effectively using technology to win souls).
  • Embrace new cultures through intentional interaction.
  • Developing effective relationship building events.
  • Assimilate new ethnicities and cultures into the church using proven strategies.
  • Offer assistance with planning future community engaging events like community fair day.
  • Suggest ways to include new members in daily church administration.
  • Preserve the harvest through intentional strategies focused on retention.
  • Offer training on increasing church retention and reducing attrition to include new members in daily church administration.

Through this initiative, we look to strengthen the evangelistic effort of the church, and connect the church to the community.


  • Must complete and submit a grant application to the Building the Bridge Ministry.
  • Must be approved by the Pastor, District Superintendent /District Board.
  • Church attendance must be below 100 members.
  • A Building the Bridge Constituent.
  • Minister must pastor this new church plant.
  • Must be open to diversity.
  • The church must be willing to partner with Building the Bridge as a monthly contributor with a minimum of $35 per month.
  • Must commit to attending the annual Building the Bridge Conference to share a testimony about the R.E.A.P. Crusade.

** Grants will be issued based on the availability of funds.

Download the R.E.A.P. Application